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Low-pressure conversation

Make your prospects comfortable

One of my clients recently talked with me about how challenging himself to make his prospects comfortable has benefited his commercial real estate business.
Not long ago, he was meeting with an acquaintance to look at a very large property. My client talked with his prospect about the building and the surrounding area, but he also shared with his prospect how and why he works with people the way he does.


Running late

Others won’t respect your time unless you do

One of my clients suggested a meeting from 10-11 AM recently, and his prospect assumed my client was offering to meet up at either time—not that my client was setting the boundaries for an hour-long meeting!
Once you’ve been involved with Sandler for a long time, it becomes very natural to set a meeting time with an end time (say, 11-12) and both people know that’s a one-hour meeting. But outside of Sandler, that can present a communication challenge.


Running in place

Don’t chase unqualified leads

Want to shorten your sales cycle? Learn how to qualify and disqualify leads early on in the process. Stop chasing leads that aren’t going anywhere!
Most people spend an incredible amount of time chasing leads who aren’t going to do business with them. People will often get a long-awaited appointment with a prospect, do a well-prepared presentation, and then realize that they weren’t a good fit after all.


At the gym

Prioritizing your professional growth

I was visiting recently with someone who’s been involved with Sandler in a different city for several years—he had been in President’s Club for five years. We had an interesting conversation about where his focus was and it ended up challenging me!


Competing sales people

You don’t get to choose your competition

You’ve probably encountered prospects that responded strangely to things you’ve said or done that seemed perfectly normal to you. Or you’ve received negative reactions in group settings when you introduce yourself as a sales person.


Working together

Adjust to make your prospect feel OK

One of my clients has been in conversation with a prospect for many months, and there’s been a lot of back and forth between them. After an initial proposal and another, revised, proposal to this prospect, my client finally got a phone call with the decision-maker himself.


Happy ears

What to do when things seem too good to be true

One of my clients who is a trainer received a couple of referrals a while back. When he got in touch with one of them, she was immediately ready to get started training her staff, which is not typical in his world.


Customer service call

Discovering motivations in unexpected orders

One of my clients, who works in the construction industry, was bragging about one of his sales representatives to me a while back. This representative made good use of an unexpected order to discover more about the company requesting it.


Negotiating for car

A horrible closing technique

A while back, I held a bootcamp for a large company at their headquarters. I spent Thursday and Friday with sales representatives who sell all across the country, and on Thursday night I heard a story that is a great example of sales gone wrong.


Inner child

Who’s making your gut reactions?

Have you ever been frustrated by a friend or a colleague who was limited in life by the things they heard when they were young? Or you know someone who thinks they can do no wrong no matter what they do?


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