2022 Lesotho Sandler Workshop

Sandler is coming to Lesotho on June 24th, 9-11 am!

Frustrated with internal and/or external communication breakdowns in your organization?

Disappointed by slow progress, unexpected delays, mistakes, or poor performance?

Need more revenue and know there's a better way?


This Growth Session can help. You are invited to a Sandler Workshop, where you will learn advanced communication techniques to help you build better connections for sales, clarify expectations for management, and build systems and processes for leadership.

With over 230 locations in 30 countries, Sandler is the world's largest leadership, management, and sales training organization serving both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Our offices, or Corporate Training teams, have worked with such well-known names as Microsoft, Constant Contact, Indeed, SalesForce.com, and locally – Beautiful Dream Society, just to name a few.

We focus on entrepreneurial businesses, construction, manufacturing, financial services, business professionals, health care, technology, and charitable organizations. Whether they started as a one-person operation or were comprised of many thousands of team members when we met them, our focus has been on helping Entrepreneurs become better and more profitable.

Opportunity to engage in Sandler Foundations Module

During this workshop, you will not only gain skills that you can use today, but you will have an opportunity to learn and interact with US-based leaders, salespeople, CEOs, and Non-profit leaders in peer groups for an 18-week course.

The workshop is offered free of charge but by invitation only. Refreshments will be provided.

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